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Faculty Profile

My name is Dr Mohamed AICHOUNI. I am currently an Assistant Professor  at Hail College of Technology (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia); From September 1992 to August 2001, I was an Assistant Professor then Associate Professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering, University of Mostaganem (Algeria). From 1988 to 1992 I was a demonstrator at the Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering Department Laboratories at the University of Salford in the United Kingdom. During my University career I have been the Principal Investigator and Leader of several externally funded research projects. Several PhD and MSc Theses have been discussed under my supervision; I have been an external examiner of more than thirty Master and PhD theses in the area of thermo-fluids engineering. Since 1990, I published more than forty scientific papers in refereed journals and international conferences. I designed and delivered industrial training courses in the areas of Information Technology, Metrology, Quality Control and Quality Systems ISO 9000 .

 I received a PhD degree in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Salford, Manchester, Great Britain in 1992 and a Bachelor degree in Marine Engineering (Mechanical Machinery) from the University of Sciences and Technology of Oran (Algeria) in 1987.

Teaching Activity    Since 1988, I have been teaching the following courses

  • At the Graduate level : Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Applied Statistics, Physics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Dimensional Metrology, Statistical Quality Control, Turbo-machinery, Renewable Energies, Engineering Drawing, Engineering Projects and Programming languages.

  • At the Post-Graduate level : Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics,  Heat and Mass Transfer, Environmental Engineering .

With the recent advents of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT),   e-Learning concepts have been adopted to develop and deliver my lectures notes and conferences.

Research Activity

My Current research interests include :

Most of my research work has been undertaken within externally funded Research Projects and Doctorate and Master Theses.

Administrative Activities

  • University Vice President in charge of Post-Graduate Affairs and Scientific Research (1993 - 2001)University of Mostaganem, Algeria.

  • Member of the Faculty  Committee at Hail College of Technology, (2001-2005).

Professional Organizations Membership

According to the Teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH): Production and Dissemination of Educational and Scientific Materials is the duty of every Muslim Scholar.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - (click the link above to visit Dr Al-Qaradawi web site)

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