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    Research Project :

         Experimental and Numerical Study of the Installation Effects on Industrial Flow Meters

        Principal Investigator : Dr Mohamed AICHOUNI  

        Researchers : Laribi, B. , Benchicou, S. , Chirigui , M. , Karachira, F. , Messoul , A. and Mous M.


The Accuracy of flow meters is one of the most important metrological parameters in modern industries dealing with increasingly expensive fluids such as petroleum, natural gas and water. The accuracy of these devices depends mainly on their position in the pipeline network and their operating conditions. Pipe fittings such as valves, bends and other fixtures generate turbulence and swirl and distort the flow distribution in the pipe leading to a substantial amount of measuring error. Our current research work concentrates on the metrological performances of industrial flow meters under real operational conditions. The aim was to determine how flow conditions affet Venturi and orifice flow meters accuracy. The effeciency of flow conditioners to produce the fully developed pipe flow condition and to reduce the metering errors has been investigated.


Both Experimental (LDA, pressure measurements) and Computational Fluid Dynamics techniques have been used to carry on the investigation.

        Major Results

The results obtained during the research program show that the error caused by such non-standards operating conditions can be very important and is well beyond the error limit tolerated by international standards (ISO 5167). Flow conditioners such as the Laws Vaned plate, the tube bundle and the Etoile have been shown to improve the quality of the metering operation and to reduce the errors to an acceptable levels.

The research program allowed to discuss several MSc and PhD Theses, and to publish papers in refereed journals and international conferences.

        Key Words :

Metering error, Accuracy, Orifice Flow meters, Venturi, Pipe flow, International Standards ISO, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Laser Doppler Anemometry.

        Sponsors :

The research program has been sponsored under contracts numbers (J2701/04/04/99) and (OC399701) by the following research institutions:

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