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       Research Project : Web Based and Computer Based Approaches Applied to Engineering Education and Training

         Principal Investigator : Dr Mohamed AICHOUNI


Information and Communication Technologies ICT are bringing about an industrial revolution on the scale of that which rocked the 19th century. The rapid diffusion of these new technologies at all levels of economic, social, political and educational lives is thus gradually transforming our modern society into an information society. Educators all over the world have realized the value of computers and the emerging information technology tools for enhancing engineering education and training.

The advance in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the form of the World Wide Web, HTML, Java programming, Microsoft Office, Scientific Computing Environments and Multimedia have been shown to offer real opportunities for enhancing the quality of engineering education and technical training. Web-based learning (e-Learning) has been shown to create very good conditions for the training of regular university/college students, industrial employees, for disabled people, and of course, ensures equal chances to women for education and training.


Within this project, it is aimed to promote the use of ICT in Engineering Education and Technical Training in the general area of manufacturing metrology. The objective is to design and develop Arabic web based courses on manufacturing metrology and Quality Control to be delivered through internet. The targeted groups would include engineering students, technical trainees and industrial engineers and technicians working in the industry.

         Major Results

Educational e-Courses have been designed and posted to internet (freely accessed):

Scientific papers on web based education.

        Key Words :

Engineering Education, Computer Based, Web-Based, Information Technology, Scientific Computing, HTML, Java, Quality Control, Dimensional Metrology, Material Testing, Auto CAD.

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